Friday, October 5, 2007

Xi'An Great Mosque

Today, Friday Oct 5,  we visited the Xi'an Great Mosque, a mosque that was started around 742 AD  (1265 years ago!!) during the Tang dynasty, and was renovated or expanded by the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties.  It covers a total area of about 4 acres!

Jack wanted saw this pot on the grounds and saw an immediate chance.  "Dad, we can make an optical illusion!"  So, here is Jack, "in" the pot.

Xian 244

Sue, exploring the mosque.

Xian 243 

Some of the fabulous carving that can be seen in the eves of some of the buildings.

Xian 245

Jack and Sophie, striking a pose in front of one of the mosque buildings.

Xian 247 Xian 248

Sophie was delighted to find this little black Muslim kitty (a member of the Black Panthers?) that didn't mind being manhandled.  Sophie loved picking her up and carrying her around by her mid-section!  The cat didn't seem to mind!

Xian 249

A look through some of the Mosque grounds... Xian 250

Part of the stone memorial gateways...

Xian 251

Xian 252

The building called the Miaret...

 Xian 253 Xian 256

It seems like even the smallest parts of the buildings here are so ornately decorated!

Xian 255Xian 254   Xian 259

After the relative peacefulness of the Mosque, we went back out on the street where opportunities to separate you from your cash abounded!  Jack found a little watch in a crystal for 500 yuan (about $65 US), and he bargained it down to 90 yuan (about $12 US) and after all of that hard work he decided he no longer wanted it!

Xian 242

Sophie entertained herself by playing with an alarm clock that these English-speaking shopkeepers had for sale, and they enjoyed playing with her although we didn't buy anything from them.

Xian 260  Xian 262

We found some nice Soviet / communist looking playing cards, including some Sadaam Hussein playing cards!  Nice.








Here's Sue bargaining for a shirt.  It's kind of fun but very exhausting bargaining all of the time!  It seems you can usually get items for about 50% off of the price they first start with, maybe more if you are willing to walk away.  A couple of times we were chased down by the merchant with her calculator in hand, as she was able to shave off a bit more!

Xian 265

A small side street in the Islamic district where everything was for sale!  Jack and Peter kept looking at crossbows, throwing stars, tasers, switchblades and other weaponry to which Dad said "no, No, and NO!"Xian 266

Back onto a main street now and the crowds were horrific!  Since all of China has this National Day week off, we are running into Chinese tourists that have also made Xi'An their destination.  I had to muscle my way in for this shot of this man pulling a peanut-brittle like taffy.  It was delicious!

Xian 269

The throngs of people - cabs would drive through here about every 3 minutes, making quite a honking commotion!

Xian 273

Gratuitous baby shot... Xian 275

All kinds of nuts, seeds and dried fruits for sale.  Everything is sold by the "jin" or 1/2 kilo.

Xian 277

We stopped for lunch at a place with a foosball table.  I played the boys and this Chinese guy watched for awhile until I asked for his help in beating my boys.

Xian 281

We've had a great time in Xi'an but we've been constantly on the go so we're ready to go back to our apartment in Hangzhou where meals are easier and where it will be a bit more relaxing.  We get on the plane tomorrow morning to go back "home". 

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Dad & Bonnie said...

Hi Tim, Sue, Peter, Jack and Sophie!!
We are enjoying your pictures and all the descripive writing telling all about your lives there.
We drove down to AZ last month. It was part of our 5, 380 mile road trip to all states in the west. We went to Phoenix as Kyle had to have another very delicate aortic valve replacement on 9/17/07. We were there for his operation and he is doing fine now. We drove up to Flagstaff and would have stopped to see you guys if you were home. We sure would like to see you guys!! Sounds like you are all adjusting very well and what an experience for you--what an education for the kids & you & Sue!! We are fine and had a great trip touring the west!! Glad to be home now-being gone 3 weeks was plenty long. Love, Dad & Bonnie