Friday, October 12, 2007

Fish Stories

Today after work we bicycled over to our friend's house who has a 125 gallon aquarium, and who is in Thailand for a few days.  His power went out mysteriously, so the fish aquarium suffered.  No filtration or oxygenation so about 20 of his 26 fish died.  The water was nearly black with algae!  We spent the afternoon changing out most of the water and fishing out all of the dead!  The six or so that are left seem hearty so hopefully they will survive now that the power is back on and the water is clean!

Sue took some pics out at the University today.  This efficient young man was using his rollerblades to get around the big campus.

Hangzhou 001 

Some colorful ads that were advertising student services -mental health, clubs, etc.

Hangzhou 003 

Sophie playing with some rolls of toilet paper, and Dad slumped in the background doing his blogging!

Hangzhou 005 

Starbucks:  Green Tea Red Bean cheesecake!  Both popular flavors here!

 Hangzhou 014

... and pushing dozens of carts up the ramp back into our local Century Mart store!  The wheels are magnetized so you can let your cart go on on the moving ramp and it will stop!  Good idea!

Hangzhou 015 

Tonight some of the other teachers came over for a visit, and now it's off to put Sophie to bed and watch some "Prison Break", one of the most popular American shows in China!

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Kristin said...

Greetings from the Rice family! Finally had a chance to check out the blogg and it looks like you guys are having an amazing time and that all is well. Loved seeing the pictures from China and the ones from your Vegas trip with Rodney, Joy and Erin. The girls look great! We went to Disney Land and San Diego with both Smith families back in August and had a blast. I love seeing the girls together and how they grow and change from year to year. Hard to believe they'll all be turing 3 soon and that we've had them for almost 2 yrs now. Steph continues to be a piece of work and I wouldn't want her any other way. She's a big girl with the personality, vocabulary, and spunk to match.

Take care,
Kristin, John, & Stephanie