Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Halloween at Pizza Hut

We took the boys to Pizza Hut and the staff was all dressed up for Halloween.  This is the only hint of Halloween we have seen so far in China (except on the boys' Runescape where they'll have a Halloween day, apparently!)


... and Sophie loved Ronald McDonald who was sitting next door to the Pizza Hut!  Aah, we can't get away from him, even in China!


Sophie is lining up at her school - can you tell which one she is?


... and here is a view of the playground at the boys' school, the Hangzhou Xingzhi Primary School.  The school dismissal time varies every day; it ranges between 2:30 and 4:30, so we just have to guess.  I think even the Chinese parents are unsure when it dismisses!  Sue was early today and took some pictures of the school.


... a view of the board!  You can see why it's difficult for P & J!  They have no idea what these announcements say!


Sue locked the boys' bedroom to keep Sophie out, but she didn't have a key!  Smart.  Jack's bike keys were in there, so he couldn't unlock his bike.  Here he is in the baby seat with Sue, as she had to schlep them and their bookbags to school!

044 046

This guy is cutting sugar cane and getting it ready for sale.  Sue watched him for awhile, but we haven't bought any yet!








In our little apartment, there is not much to do - no TV or anything, so the kids chose to pile on top of each other.  We can fit more people on our small couch if you stack them!


Here's an ancient temple by West Lake.  Guess how old?  Five years!  Still a beautiful area, and it attracts a lot of tourists, but this does  not fall into the category of "ancient" as many of the temples we have seen have.


This is a scenic little pond by West Lake where Sue sat after her espresso with her friends. 

070 073

These flowers are in bloom all over Hangzhou and smell very nice.  It is the city flower, however my botanical knowledge is limited so I have no idea what it is.  Any idea, dear reader?







After lunch, many workers take a siesta. This businessman is taking a snooze in the park before getting back to work!



Bob & Amy said...

I knew Jack would find a way to ride the pink bike!!! Sounds like Sue made the most of it...

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mimifrancoise said...

Just want to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. it is informative and fun too. You take terrific photos too.
Fran, mom to Malinda and grandmother to Zoe and Maya (both from Guangxi)