Sunday, October 7, 2007

Rainy Day in Hangzhou

Another typhoon blew into Hangzhou today so we spent most of the day laying around the apartment - a very relaxing day after our 5 day whirlwind through Xi'An!  It let up for awhile this afternoon, so I ventured to my local athletic club for a workout.  The club I go to is very modern with excellent weight and cardio equipment, and it's only a short taxi ride or a long bike ride to get there.  I opted for the taxi today since the weather was so unpredictable.

I followed that up with a visit to Subway, where I bought sandwiches for the family.  The kids REALLY love Subway here and they were so happy to not have to go out - they stayed in their pajamas all day long!

Sue hung out and watched 'Desparate Housewives' on DVD, and she spent at least 3 hours practicing her Chinese pronunciation and writing some Chinese characters!  Her characters look so much better than mine - it must be her artistic nature, and I can see right off that I will have crappy penmanship in any language :). 

My lesson plans for the next 2 lessons are done and packed in my backpack ready to go - that feels really good!  One of my students called me tonight to say he wouldn't be in one of my classes, but he would try to make one of my other ones.  The students are so conscientious here - it really is amazing!

The building next door is close to finished; it looks as though it will be a kindergarten of some kind.  There is nice brickwork and a courtyard for the kids to play in.  Though it's not quite finished, it will be a nice addition to our local neighborhood.

There's always another construction project on the horizon.  Two of our major cross streets near our house have had ALL of the large (1 - 2 foot diameter tree trunks - 30 to 40 foot tall) trees cut completely down.  Not even stumps left!  These were such pretty boulevards and now they look so industrial.  They have done this, according to the cab drivers I spoke to, as a precursor to widening these streets, since they are often choked with cars.  It looks as though they will replant when they're finished.

Nothing very photogenic today, so sorry for the lack of pictures!  Now it's off to watch 'Prison Break', and listen to the rumble of the thunder, lightning and sheets of rain outside. 

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