Thursday, October 4, 2007

Xi'An Children's Park

Today we did a little clothes shopping - Peter got some sparkling new shoes, and I bought myself a jacket since I didn't bring one from home, and the weather is starting to become a bit cooler.

Meanwhile, Sue brought Sophie to a local amusement park where she played in one of those plastic ball pits and a little kiddie maze like you'd see at McDonald's for about 3 hours!

Eventually, the boys and I caught up with them at the Children's Park and the boys partook in a few of the attractions, too!

We tried to stay on the ones that appeared the most safe :)

Peter and Jack enjoyed this paddleboat/bumperboat ride however Peter's boat started to sink so his turn ended early!

Xian 143

Xian 121 Xian 125  Xian 146 Xian 167

Peter bought this little hackey sack toy for 7 quai (about 90 cents) which he bargained down from 10 quai so he was proud that he was able to bargain a discount!

Xian 162 Xian 164 

This little boy came up and to us and knew a couple of sentences in English, and I got a picture of them together - then the mother wanted to see the picture and implored me to send her a copy in the mail!  She wrote a big explanation of where she lived, and somehow I have to divine the address from it!

Xian 168

Jack loves having Sophie around as an excuse to do some of the kiddie rides.

Xian 171

Next Jack tried the Giant Hamster Ball ride - first step:  inflate the ball.

Xian 180

Second step - climb inside!

Xian 181

Third step - get psyched up!

Xian 184

4th step - The Launch!

Xian 186

Jack spent about 15 minutes in this ball and he LOVED it.

Xian 199 Xian 209He had to take a rest after all of that time trying to stay on his feet!  The first thing he said after he got out of the ball was, "Dad, can I go again?"








Here's another one of the safe attractions in the park.  There's Jack at the very top!  Sophie attempted to go up too before I grabbed her.

Xian 215

Here was something that was still probably too old for Sophie but she liked all of the climbing!

Xian 217 Xian 221

Jack loved bouncing on this bridge with all of the Chinese kids!

Xian 229

Sophie played so hard she fell asleep on the walk home.   The boys stayed up late and watched movies - Peter and I watched Spiderman 3 in Chinese because that was all that was on!  Jack was in the other room with Sue to watch "Bats" which was too scary for the rest of us!

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Jason said...

Tim, Sue, Peter, Jack and Sophie.

I just read your guys' blog, and what an awesome adventure you had. I am doing a project for school about China's one-child campaign, and populations in China. It is great to see many attractions available for children over there. I thought all the kids over there were lived in a sort of a educational solitutde because they are all only children in the one family. And the male child in China is regarded more worth than the female child, so it was also good to see little girls playing.

Thanks for the information on your journey. Have a great life guys, and...

I want to go in that blow up ball too, that looks like sooooomuch fun!!!