Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hangzhou Clothes Shopping

We had a nice Saturday; here and Jack are in their natural habitat - playing Runescape with their friends back in America.  Today John G., Chris V,Cody W. and Garrett K. were online so they had a good time Runescaping with them!

Hangzhou 024 Hangzhou 025

At 5am this morning they started putting up scaffolding all over our building to somehow beautify the outside (paint, etc.).  They took all of the air conditioning units off of the outside of the building, so we have no heat or air for the next 40 days!  We went and bought warm clothes and long johns today in preparation!




Sue, Sophie and I went to the bookstore this morning to look for cookbooks and other reading material.  It was a gorgeous day, though a little cool this morning.  This is one of the many canals that run through the city.

 Hangzhou 026

Sue found this nice Shel Silverstein book in Chinese...

Hangzhou 028 Hangzhou 031

... and look at all of the bookworms in the aisles!









These two (blind??) characters were outside of the bookstore playing their instruments for coins.  They sounded pretty good!

 Hangzhou 032

And here is Sue with Sophie, proudly displaying her brand new PINK bike!  She thinks that maybe the pink color will deter thieves.  I think the child seat is more likely to deter them!

Hangzhou 033 

... more scaffolding around the entranceway to our building.  Amazing to have seen them put all of this up in one day!

Hangzhou 035 

Many items are delivered on bicycle; water, propane, recyclables, building products and much more.  We've seen everything imaginable being carted around by pedals!

Hangzhou 036 

Jack is picking out items for his soup - quail eggs, cilantro, mushrooms, noodles, and spices.  They were cooked up into a soup and he ate them with zeal!

Hangzhou 038 

Here are the boys on the street after shopping for clothes; Jack is sporting his new sweatshirt which he really likes.

Hangzhou 043 

The boys both needed haircuts so we stopped by and they each had a haircut with shampooing for a total of US $4!

Hangzhou 048 

Sophie hung out and waited and was served a lollipop by the staff which she heartily enjoyed!

Hangzhou 052 

Jack and Peter after shampooing; waiting for their respective stylists...

Hangzhou 053 

They cut Jack's hair into a mohawk before they cut it short.  Cute!

Hangzhou 054

Hangzhou 050

Sue put Peter's hair into a mohawk while it was wet. It was so long that it was quite a big one!








Tonight we met some new friends for dinner after a hectic day of clothes shopping and haircuts.  Our friend Aaron has been here for 4 years, and Joyce, who's a Chinese girl from Wuhan, the same city that Sophie came from!  It was sure fun to hear about their lives here in Hangzhou and they're going to help us find other US families with kids that live here! 

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Bob & Amy said...

Love the Pink bike. I think you'll have to watch out for Jack taking your bike, though! Hope all is well. We miss you guys. I'm ready to submit formal adoption papers to you for Lucy. We already can't imagine life without her, though we do want you to come home soon. Can we get you back and keep the dog??? We are watching a little pomeranian this week too and Lucy is in love. She hasn't gone after her bear in days. So cute! Take care!!
Love, The Mahers