Friday, October 19, 2007

A Cure for Hiccups

Today was another teaching day for me.  I was talking about illnesses, and asked the class what were examples of illnesses that would keep them home from school or work.

The expected list came up - cold, flu, head ache, stomach ache, etc.  Then one girl said "SARS" and I said, yes, please, if you get SARS, please STAY HOME!!  Then I asked what treatments they have when you get a cold.  They loved the idea that in the US we drink chicken soup when we are sick!  I also displayed how we cure hiccups.  I went up quietly to this shy boy in my class and shouted BOO! He jumped about 6 inches and the class thought it was hilarious.  It finally put a smile on the shy kid's face.

You can tell by the treatments they recommended that they are graduate students. They were shouting out things like "chemotherapy", and "gene therapy", or "organ transplant!"  I wonder when I'll be able to say those things in Chinese!  Hopefully I'll never have to!

One student's example of something that would keep him home was a heart ache.  I think he thought this was a real ailment, but I asked him if he had just broken up with his girlfriend and he got a surprised look on his face!  He said, "I've never had a girlfriend!"

Peter and Jack stayed home with Sue today and had a mental break from school.  They went out with Sue and her friend for lunch and really enjoyed a day off which they deserve.  Sophie's school shoes were in tatters so I went out tonight for a bowl of noodles by myself and followed it up with a shoe purchase.  When we picked Sophie up from school today, the teacher said that Sophie was starting to speak Chinese and that she now understands everything.  No surprises there for that little smartie!  It's fun to see her speak it so naturally! 

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