Thursday, October 11, 2007

Red Spots and Spilled Groceries

After dropping the kids off at school it was off to the club for a work out, and then to the store to load up on some much-needed groceries!  I took this shot of one of the many canals that wind through the city - still very full from the typhoon a couple of days ago.


Sue gave me a big list - here's the parking lot at the Century Mart.  The Century Mart was completely transformed while we were in Xi'An from kind of a run-down Wal-mart type store to a high-end store with lots of fancy clothing shops and restaurants.  It was amazing to see the speed of the transformation!

PAS_2600Bringing home 2 gallons of milk, a gallon of apple juice, 20 rolls of toilet paper, various bags of fruit, cookies, nuts, tea, cereal by myself on my bicycle was not an easy task.    I went over a bump and my bungee cord came unhooked so many of my goods went tumbling over into the street.  Then I had an audience while I repacked everything on  my bike!  I'm sure they all got a good laugh at the incompetent white guy trying to get his groceries home!

By popular demand, here's Sue in her new hairdo - short and sassy!  Sophie had some allergic reaction to something, we think, and has little red spots all over her face (no where else).  I'm also thinking maybe bug bites but no one else has any.  The school nurse and the pharmacist concurred it was an allergic reaction to something so the pharmacist gave us something for it and they seem to be better. 


Whatever those spots are, it doesn't appear to affect her mood or energy level any!


The boys also had a tough day at school - some girl slapped Peter on the back too hard, and some 1st grader hit Jack with a book.  We told them to be intimidating and menacing to those kids and they'd stop :).   Good parenting, huh?


Anonymous said...

I love the picture of Sophie and
Sue, so sweet. I guess they even
have bullies in Chinese schools.
What you told the boys is probably
good advice, not to seem like it
bothered them. Curious in US

Bob & Amy said...

Tim, between the lockout & the grocery mishap, we need another barometer check for you! LOVE the hair Sue, looking good!!
The Mahers

Anonymous said...

Cara and Shawn say ALOHA from MAUI!!!!!!!!! :) we are glad to still see your blog.....we were adventureous today and went down a narrow two lane road amongst wild and primative natives high in the mountains! Having fun and still thinking about you guys. Can't wait to see the natives in CHINA!