Saturday, February 2, 2008

Thailand Day 8 - Phuket

Today was pretty much a carbon copy of yesterday, with plenty of pool and beach time.  Grandma and Grandpa took the kids to the game room for part of the day to play pool and video games to get them out of the sun.  Sophie and I stayed in the kids program for part of the day, coloring and doing puzzles, but then it was time to go out to the pool.
Thailand 009

Sophie also found more wildlife to examine.  Not as exciting as elephants, but just as fun for her!
Thailand 015

Peter and Jack, loving their shovels on the beach...
Thailand 103

What this shot doesn't show is the Thai woman massaging my feet on the beach.  A 1 hour massage for $12 US!  Aah, so relaxing!
Thailand 016

Tomorrow we are not looking forward to the long trek back to Hangzhou, where it will be cold and snowy.  We will leave our resort at 5am and we estimate we'll be back to Hangzhou around 6:30pm - so it will be a long day for everyone!    

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