Sunday, February 24, 2008

Goodies from America!

Hangzhou 014  Unfortunately the weather turned cold again so we have been staying close to home this weekend.  The kids and I did errands today while Sue went to a spa day with her friend.  Sophie got out the watercolor paints and had a grand time.

When we went to the store I was chastised by an older lady for Sophie's clothing.  Sophie was only wearing THREE layers (long johns, long sleeve shirt and a coat) whereby one could still make out the shape of her body underneath.  I tried to explain to this stranger that she just wasn't cold  but she told me that Sophie needed more clothes!  Also as soon as we get into the store Sophie would strip down to her skivvies if she could, so keeping the warm clothes on her is also a challenge!  Sophie always tells me she WANTS to be cold! :)

This weekend we also went out to the campus to retrieve all of our boxes.  We had 3 boxes of letters from the kids at Abia Judd and Mile High schools for a penpal project that we are excited to start.  We also received no less than 6 (SIX) boxes of goodies from Grandma Weatbrook including jelly bellies, bubble gum, granola bars, cereal, beef jerky, books, valentines, and a whole host of other munchies.  THANK YOU GRANDMA!  We brought our suitcase and backpack to campus and unpacked some of the boxes into them,  then road the public bus back to Hangzhou, with kids, boxes, suitcase and backpack in tow!

Here's our little clown, Jack enjoying the last remnants of a huge bubble he blew.  On the right - some Valentine heart stickers that Sophie had stuck all over his face at a local restaurant last night.

Hangzhou 021 Hangzhou 008
While we sat and visited with our friends, the waitresses played with Sophie.  They lined up all of the Valentines we had received across the restaurant floor making it difficult for the customers and the wait-staff to move around.  Sophie was passed from waitress to waitress and had covered all of them with Valentine stickers.  We definitely left our mark on that restaurant!

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