Friday, February 1, 2008

Thailand Day 7 - Phuket

We hung out today at the Luguna Beach Resort where we are staying.  Much to our chagrin we were not able to change our tickets back to Shanghai, so we will be going back on our original schedule, February 3.  Hopefully it won't be too cold and snowy!

Thailand 087

The gorgeous reception area...  This is the cold season here, about 85 degrees and it feels so darn good! 
Thailand 090

Some nice scenery at the resort...    Thailand 088

  Thailand 092

The resort is right on the beach of course, and the boys LOVED going boogie-boarding in the waves.
Thailand 058

Thailand 069

After some instruction from the boys, even Grandma tried her hand!
Thailand 043

Having some refreshments at the swim-up bar...
 Thailand 008

Sophie found a water gun at the pool and was shooting Sue.  Notice how she just missed Sue's head with a stream of water...
Thailand 012

A lovely warm pool and perfect weather!
Thailand 013

Jack dug the obligatory hole in the sand and found this little critter.
Thailand 016

What's that out in the water??
Thailand 141

"Hey Peter, I think I'm getting heat stroke - I just saw an elephant swim by."

"Just ignore it, Jack, it will go away."
Thailand 142

"Oh no, Peter, I'm seeing it again!"
Thailand 144

No, it wasn't a mirage!  Two elephants walked by with their trainers.  The elephants were sisters, 6 years old, and 1 year old!
Thailand 019

This was the younger one, very friendly with everyone!

Thailand 120

Thailand 125

Thailand 130

Here's the trainer with the 1 year old...     Thailand 154

... and here's our 3 year old!  Sophie sure does love the beach! 

Thailand 135

Tomorrow's our last full day in Thailand, so we're going to do our best to enjoy every minute!


Bob & Amy said...

Wow - love that crab photo! And swimming w/ the elephants. You guys have done it all! I wish you could stay longer. Bundle up for the trip home! Both 1-90 and Hwy 2 have been closed here for snow, avalanches & accidents... We say bring it on!!
The Mahers

Anonymous said...

It's cold here to, I wish I had
85 today..........enjoy.....Mary

Anonymous said...

Hello, from the 8th grade at SJS. We are wishing you well, and we hope you have happy adventures. Today we will be helping the 1st grade write you a letter.