Sunday, February 17, 2008

Helicopter Version 2.0

Emptying out Sue's camera, I found these pictures of the Chinese Flaming Candle of Danger that we received with Peter's birthday cake.  Because we had received one with Sophie's cake, previously, we knew what to expect.  Everyone - Safety Glasses On!

First, the lighting of the candle... stand back, boys!
Hangzhou 003

Our new friend and fellow teacher, Laura came out to dinner with us to celebrate Peter's birthday this week after just having gotten off the plane.  She was a trooper to come out with us after such a long flight.  She did get a chance to see this Chinese birthday candle in it's full regalia.  Six small flames surrounding a 1 foot high sparkling torch of fire including music!
Hangzhou 007

Today we went to the field by Stefania and Damiano's apartment, and Peter was dying to have Damiano check out his new helicopter.  The previous one crashed and burned as it hit a very large object (the Earth) very hard.  We waited until the store had more in stock and bought another.  This new one is definitely easier to control as well, so we are quite pleased with it.   

Unfortunately the field was locked so Stefania and Damiano came with us to Starbucks which is in a giant office building with a large interior space.  Damiano had quite an affinity for Sue's pink bicycle...
Hangzhou 016

The building usually has so much security.  Damiano and I tried to guess how many security guards would escort us out of the building.  I said 3, Damiano said 7, and miraculously no one bothered us! 

Here's Peter enjoying the maiden voyage of Helicopter 2.0.  It was the perfect, empty, windless place to learn to fly.
Hangzhou 017

We all had a turn, but Damiano's flight was by far the best.  He was able to keep it level and fly it under control far better than the rest of us!
Hangzhou 019

Next, we went to the roof garden to soak up the beautiful weather and kick the soccer ball around a bit.  We couldn't kick it too high because if it went over the edge it would fall 18 stories.
Hangzhou 020

Damiano and Sophie getting ready pedal to lunch.
Hangzhou 022

The happy couple getting ready to sit down for some Northern China cuisine.
Hangzhou 023

We dropped them off at their place and came home to make dinner and so Peter could recharge his helicopter batteries (4-6 hour charge for about 20 minutes of flight time!)  The kids will go to bed early tonight as tomorrow is their first school day of the new semester.

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