Friday, February 15, 2008

Jingci Temple

The sun was out on this beautiful Saturday, so it was time to take the family out of the apartment.  The boys wanted to stay home and watch "The Simpsons" all day - they bought 18 seasons of episodes for about $7 US.  I just love it when they quote Bart and Homer. :)

Of course I said, "NO" and we headed to the Jingci Temple, a picturesque Buddhist temple on the south side of town.
Hangzhou 029

Some locals, lighting their incense sticks...
Hangzhou 005

A dragon carved between the staircases of the Jingci temple.
 Hangzhou 009

(Left) New Years' lanterns still up and (right) an urn for holding and burning incense.
Hangzhou 013 Hangzhou 015

Inside this stunning temple was a huge Buddha idol, and lots of decoration.
Hangzhou 018

Here's our own little Buddha peering out from the temple gate.
Hangzhou 019

Of course Jack is too skinny and too blonde to be a Buddha.  He's got the smile down though!
 Hangzhou 024

The rows of prayer pillows.  These were roped off by a piece of tape that said, "Police" on it, which didn't really fit with the mood.
 Hangzhou 025 Hangzhou 026

Another view of the immense Buddha idol and decorative carving and painting inside.

The bronze statue of a famous monk, of which there were several, but I just loved this one's eyebrows.  I'm going to try to grow some of those myself.
Hangzhou 027

Icicles melting in the morning sun after many days of COLD weather.
Hangzhou 035

One of the Jingci monks, warming himself in the sun.  It was so NICE out today!
Hangzhou 039

One of the buildings of the Jingci Temple from afar...
Hangzhou 041

Hangzhou 048

So this blog entry looks really idyllic, but the kids were actually such PAINS to be with today. They were all whiney and complained a lot.  Luckily I was fast with the camera today and  caught a FEW pictures of them smiling :)Hangzhou 051

Triple-decker piggy-back...
Hangzhou 055

We saw this dead cat at the temple.  Why was it there?  We have no idea, but it was STRANGE! 
"Daddy, is that cat having a nap?"   "Yes Sophie, a very LOOONG nap."

 Hangzhou 044

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