Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Nintendo Mishap

We had a wonderful time with our friends Damiano and Stefania today, eating lunch at a local Italian place.
Hangzhou 007

Most shops and businesses are still closed, but people congregated at West Lake today to enjoy the (slightly) warmer weather.  Since tomorrow is the fourth day of the New Year, things are supposed to get back to normal.
Hangzhou 012

Damiano, Stefania and Sophie, "cheesing" for the camera!
Hangzhou 016

Damiano is so serious. :) 
Hangzhou 022

Stefania however always has a smile on her face!
Hangzhou 037

Sophie got ahold of the camera, and here is her self portrait.
Hangzhou 033

After walking around West Lake for awhile, we went back to Stefania and Damiano's lovely apartment. While Peter went to the restroom he left his Nintendo DS  on the couch.  Sophie grabbed it and managed to delete all of his progress (over 100 hours worth) in his Pokemon game in just 2 minutes.  Peter is FURIOUS.  Tonight we are keeping them separated for Sophie's sake, and trying to establish boundaries between the boys' things and Sophie.  This is challenging in such a small apartment!  Hopefully the boys learned a lesson to not keep their stuff laying around, and Sophie learned not to touch things that aren't hers.  We'll see!!

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Bob & Amy said...

Oh no - I'm so sorry about the DS incident. I can imagine that was painful for all. Hey Pete - what are you doing for your birthday? I hope you have nice weather & a great day. We'll be thinking of you on your big day! I hope you'll get at least on hour on Runescape!!
The Maher's