Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Visit to Xitang

I haven't blogged for a couple of days because we were out of internet range - so you get extra today!  We stayed in a town called Xitang "shee-tong", which I would officially categorize as Out of the Way, and Off the Beaten Track. 

Some students from our university acted as our tour guides, so we made our way to the Hangzhou East Bus Station after a 30 min taxi ride to meet up with them.  Here we are waiting for our bus to Xitang to arrive.
Xitang 002
Jack loves his stocking cap because a) it keeps him warm, and b) people don't know he's a blondie, so he gets a little less attention that way.
Xitang 003
After starting from our house about 7:45 am, and 4 hours of walking, taxis, and 2 bus transfers, we finally arrived at Xitang.  This sign caught our fancy.  If you're going to fall into the water - do it carefully!
 Xitang 007
As we were waiting to go inside this proud poodle with purple ears walked by. 
Xitang 008
We stayed for a night in a little local hotel.  We were so thankful to have our students with us because we would have never found our little accommodations down this very tight alleyway.  Their rooms weren't all together but scattered around the town.  They wanted to put the boys in a room that was in a different building, on a different street than ours.  We traded rooms around and we got a nice little upstairs-downstairs arrangement right next to the canal.
Xitang 010
... and here's the entrance to our little hotel.  It is a local place that doesn't see many Westerners and we probably wouldn't have been able to stay without our students helping us.
Xitang 011
Sophie and Sue, coming out the alleyway into the entrance of the hotel.
Xitang 014
Peter and Jack having a rest in the little anteroom of the hotel after our 4 hour trek to get there!
Xitang 017
Xitang is a beautiful water town where part of "Mission Impossible 3" was filmed, so there are a few pictures around of Tom Cruise doing his stunts and interacting with the locals.  The houses, shops and boardwalk are built right along the canals.
Xitang 021
Day to day life goes on next to the canals too.  This little Pomeranian was getting a trim and a blow-dry.
Xitang 024
This town is located in the Yangtze River Delta and has a history of over 2,500 years.  Long sheltered passageways crisscross the town allowing the people to stay dry when it rains.  It's a gathering place for many talented arts and crafts people.

Xitang 025
Left: A sign advertising a local hotel, and Right: our friend and fellow teacher, Ashley who came with us on this weekend expedition.
Xitang 026 Xitang 030
Some local boatmen waiting for customers to take up and down the canals.  We were told to wait to do this after nightfall as the town lights are especially pretty then.
Xitang 029
A scene through one of the decorative portals on one of the river bridges.
  Xitang 031 
There were many little dogs around, and Sophie had to try to pet all of them.  Some of them were not too friendly so we had to block her a few times from getting nipped. One of the students, Rebecca, on the left helped organize the trip, and also helped a lot with Sophie.
Xitang 033
People moving up and down the canals...
Xitang 034
Some of the quaint little houses that line the canals...
Xitang 036
We ate a late lunch, and although it was about 40 degrees, there was no heat and all the windows were open, so everyone was bundled up.  Everyone, that is, except Sophie who likes to be as cold as possible.
Xitang 039
"Michelle" and "Rebecca", the two girls who organized our trip and took such good care of us.
Xitang 040
... the view from the restaurant window.
Xitang 041
From the boardwalk side of the canal, we could look across and see a Chinese Opera going on.

Xitang 050 Xitang 051
As evening advanced, more boats began appearing on the river.
Xitang 058

Xitang 072
This fisherman had some help!  He grabs his trained birds by the head and dumps them into the water. They dive down, grab some fish, and give it to him.  Then he gives them a treat.  We have heard before of the fishermen placing metal bands around their necks so they can't swallow the fish themselves, but these birds didn't seem to have the bands.  He would call his birds by splashing his oar on the water so they could hear him when they were beneath the surface.
 Xitang 059
Late afternoon looking down one of the canals.
  Xitang 078
Later in the day, it's getting colder, but this restaurant's windows are all open!
Xitang 083
Our 3 lovely tour guides, Rebecca, Michelle, and Lillian.
  Xitang 095
Rebecca, Sue and Ashley looking at a picture of Tom Cruise that was taken while he was making "Mission Impossible 3".
Xitang 096
Peter sat still long enough for me to take a picture of him, but he likes to dart his tongue in and out of his mouth to try to foul up my picture.  Finally his tongue is not sticking out.
Xitang 104
Another shot, where both brothers were conspiring to mess up my picture. Jack jumped in front at the last second :) .
Xitang 105
As daytime transitioned into night, it was time to go get fireworks for the evening festivities.  The boys were very excited and looking forward to lighting them off!
 Xitang 109
Our motley group of travelers...
  Xitang 112
Sophie found a friendly little kitten and was gentle with it, briefly.
Xitang 114
The townspeople use the canal water for everything, and we saw many examples of people dipping in their mops or washing their clothes.
Xitang 123
There are many opportunities to buy floating candles to launch on the water at night.  The boys' plan was to buy a few of these and destroy them on the water with fireworks. 

Xitang 110
Rebecca with Peter and Jack.  We told her her boyfriend would get jealous if he saw this shot.
Xitang 137
More Xitang scenery...
Xitang 140 Xitang 147
Here we are all together.  We had to stop the foot traffic on this bridge while we set up the timer for this shot, and the locals and tourists were willing to oblige.
Xitang 149
Sue and Sophie, with Sue trying not to look tired of looking after her all day.  Since we were next to the canals all day we had to watch her constantly and she is so fast!
Xitang 151
Go pluck a duck!  We watched this woman do it as we had never seen it before.  It looked like quite a laborious task!
Xitang 152
The water town at night.  No those aren't UFO lights above, but someone firing a Roman Candle over my head.
Xitang 155 Xitang 158Looking down an alleyway at night to a little bamboo garden.

The boys loved the sparklers, and all of the other fireworks.  They waited until others floated their candles down the canals and made their wishes, then Peter and Jack fired their Roman Candles at them.  Nice!
 Xitang 169
Another funny example of "Chinglish".
Xitang 174
Launching fireworks off of the bridge...
Xitang 178
... and here we are in the boat, looking at a beautifully lit up Xitang.  We sang Christmas carols as the boatman rowed, and he thought we were all crazy.
Xitang 181
After a night of sleeping on a bed consisting of 1) a wood plank and 2) a sheet, we were ready to get up and finish our exploration of Xitang. The bed had no mattress, but rather just wooden boards with the sheet on top so we were not adjusted to it!  Here are Sue and the girls ready to take on the day.
Xitang 252

Tim with Lillian, Rebecca and Michelle.
Xitang 254
We met this Pomeranian again who had been coiffed the day before, and Sophie wanted to give him some love.  He wasn't interested in her affections however!
Xitang 186 Xitang 188
This is an old style chamber pot; we weren't sure if this was in use any more or not, and no one wanted to go check.
Xitang 195
We watched these guys dredge the canal for awhile.  They probably have to dredge up all of the fireworks waste that gets thrown in the night before!
Xitang 197
This woman was over 90 years old and she had such an interesting face we had to get a shot of her.  She must have seen many interesting things in China during her lifetime!
Xitang 202
We ordered some cotton candy at this little shop, and the woman had just gotten this new machine.  She wasn't too good at making the cotton candy yet, so she offered Jack to have a try. Sue and a few others also tried, but Jack had the knack!
Xitang 207
... and here's Jack again, having made friends with that mean little Pomeranian!
Xitang 270

After a rough night on rock-hard beds and a weekend of adventuring, we were all ready to go home.  We had an uneventful and sleepy ride back home where we ordered pizza and relaxed!

Xitang 216


Bob & Amy said...

What a fabulous getaway - I totally recognized the village from the movie, so cool!! I wonder if tom cruise had to walk 4hrs to get there! This was Julia's favorite blog entry with all the pooches. She was crazy about it! Tell the boys that the pomeranian looks exactly like Lucy's boyfriend Marshall who'll be spending Christmas with us. We miss you guys! Great blogging@
The Mahers

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mimifrancoise said...

I just love your blog. You have a spirit of adventure that I admire. What a wonderful education for your children. I wish I could join you, but since I can't, I can travel vicariously through your wonderful entries.
Mimi, grandmother to Zoe and Maya (also from China).