Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Boys Help out at University

Sue took Peter and Jack to school last week to help with her classes.  Sue had office hours and some students came to visit including "Darling" and "Rebecca" below.  Darling is a senior and Rebecca is a Junior.

Hangzhou 048
They gave us a Santa pillow, a Santa hat and a wand, which Peter and Jack are modeling.
Hangzhou 049
Darling has also become Chinese tutor.  On Mondays and Tuesdays we have lunch together and she teaches me tons of vocabulary and we talk in Chinese.  Or rather, she talks in Chinese, and I scratch my head a lot :).   She's very patient and helpful!

I asked her a couple of weeks ago to become my Chinese tutor, and she has been great; except about the issue of paying her.  She won't take any money so I have insisted on buying our lunches.  However now she says it's not fair that I have to buy all of the lunches - even though she is spending her time teaching me!  I continue to be persistent!
  Hangzhou 053

Rebecca, who took us to Xitang a couple of weekends ago.
Hangzhou 056

... and here is Jack hanging out in Sue's class.  Normally he is quite shy and not talkative, but Sue gave him some readings to do in class and he walked to the front and did a really great job!  He would also take Sue out into the hall and say, "Hey Mom, let's do this..." and tell her his ideas about teaching!  He really enjoyed himself as he helped out in the classroom.
Hangzhou 059
... and here's Peter sitting with some of the college kids, watching Sue's lesson.
Hangzhou 060

No Water

We came home Christmas night to find that we have no water to our apartment.  Talking to the building superintendent, I was surprised to learn we may not have water for 2 days or more!  This is not that much of a problem except for 1) showers and 2) toilets!    Five people using a toilet with no water can get old  and smelly after awhile!  To solve the toilet issue, he brought me across the street with a bucket which I filled up from the neighbor's hose, then I schlepped it up the stairs to our 6th floor apartment. So now we have toilet flushing water.

If it continues past 2 days we will check into a hotel until our water service is back!  Our ayi can't cook or clean without water either, and she is quite happy to have the days off! 

We  have to look at the bright side, however; we still have internet service!  If I had to choose between no water and no internet, I'd choose no water!


Bob & Amy said...

Merry Christmas! Wow, we loved reading about your Christmas adventures!! I hope your water is back on. Have a wonderful birthday & New Year if I don't get to sign on again while we are in Leavenworth. Much love from the Mahers

Susan and Ken said...

Hi to Tim, Sue, Peter and Jack! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Happy Birthday, Sue. We love reading your blog!! I almost feel like I'm in China with you when I read it. No water! Wow! That's pretty amazing. Hope you're all doing great. Lots of changes at Abia Judd this year.
Love, The Kissels