Friday, December 21, 2007

Lewis Family Christmas Poem

Every year, for at least the past 10 years I have written a Christmas poem that related our family news rather than a Christmas letter.  A couple of years ago I tried writing just a regular Christmas letter and was quickly vetoed by my lovely wife, Sue. So I had to start from scratch and rewrite the letter as a poem.

This year, we're not sending out Christmas cards due to our remote location, so we decided to use the blog to broadcast this year's yuletide masterpiece :)  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it, and though you didn't receive a Christmas card from us this year, you are still in our thoughts this holiday season!

Christmas Poem 2007

This year’s Christmas is different for us,

We’re taking a break from the holiday fuss!

What a pity to miss both family and feast,

But we’re having a ball here in the far East.

Somehow we decided to go far away,

Teaching English in China; a year we will stay.

We’re learning the language, slowly for sure,

But Sophie’s so fast, her learning is pure!

Peter and Jack struggle in school,

In a Chinese classroom they’re always so cool!

Not cool like Elvis or like James Dean;

More like Frosty the Snowman or some frozen ice cream.

You see, heat in offices and school is lacking,

But we’re staying healthy, no one’s sneezing or hacking.

I also shouldn’t neglect to mention,

That all of us get so much attention!

When we’re in the street, or browse in a store,

We attract many people, dozens or more!

They love to stare at our foreign parade,

And wonder at Sophie, who’s not the same shade!

In the U.S. we see both Santa and elves,

And packages and boxes filling our shelves.

There were ornaments on our Christmas tree,

And holidays from work for you and me.

I’m sure you know, I don’t know if you care,

But Christmas in China is a different affair!

Here no elves or reindeer lurk,

And of course on Christmas we all go to work!

It’s the price we pay, for adventure and fun,

Seeing Shanghai and Xi’an, and Thailand for sun!

For meeting new friends, so helpful and kind,

Such nice people nowhere else you will find.

However at home it’s you we all miss,

So we’re sending you wishes with a hug and a kiss.

In June we’ll be home, it’s not so long to wait,

In the meantime we’ll wish you a happy 2008!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from

Tim, Sue, Peter, Jack and Sophie Lewis



Bob & Amy said...

This is a legendary Christmas letter, a keeper for sure! Thanks for continuing the Christmas poem tradition. It wouldn't be the same!We are excited that you plan to return in June! Are you coming home directly or via other exotic destinations? The next 6 months will fly by!
Love, The Mahers

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys!

Love the infamous Christmas Poem as usual! I just can't believe you've have been doing it for ten whole years! I have kept every one! Thanks for continuing that tradition despite your remote location.
Merry Christmas!

Love, Cara

Anonymous said...

Your Christmas poem is wonderful as usual! Always so original and clever! It was great talking to you on Skype today too. So glad this form of communication exists. Pete and I are having a great time with Cara and Shawn. Took Pete to the Boeing Flight Museum, Pike place market and the Experience Music Project so far. Enjoy your Christmas Day! Love and hugs to you all! Grandma Kapi

Grandpa Win said...

Wow!! No matter what your situation you always compose a poem that tells it all and gives us the feeling that we are there with you. We always look forward to your unique way of telling just what the Lewis family is up too. We miss you guys so much and hope we get to see you before too long after you get back. Keep on telling us all the adventures you are experiencing &
we will keep watching for your delightful stories. Love, Grampa Win & Bonnie

Gramdpa Win said...

We got so caught up in reading your poem, forgot to say Merry Christmas to all of you and have a Great 2008! Also Sue, have a very Happy Birthday on the 30th!! Love,
Dad & Bonnie

Brubren said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I enjoy reading your blogs. The neighborhood is very quite without you guys! Looks like all is well with you. See you in June!