Monday, December 17, 2007

Things that Go Boom

The boys have been highly enthusiastic to go to a fireworks store and today they got their wish.  Fireworks are illegal to shoot off, except for 'special days'.  A special day can be just about anything; opening a restaurant, getting married, having a baby, and any day in the New Years' period.  For sure Christmas qualifies, so we'll have a chance to light some off!
Hangzhou 015
Jack, looking at all of the fireworks selections.
Hangzhou 016
Peter and Jack, watering at the mouth, looking at all of the possibilities. Hangzhou 017

The other night, Sophie and I were on my bicycle going to get dinner, and the restaurant next door was opening.  A fireworks display of incredible magnitude started - not just firecrackers, but rockets that went up several hundred feet and exploded.  Think Ivars!  Talking to the locals, it appears a restaurant can spend several hundred dollars on an opening display.  The theory is that they scare away the bad spirits.

In the New Year celebration (Feb 7 this year, according to the lunar calendar), fireworks are an integral component.  From what I can understand so far, there is some mythical creature that can wreck crops and steal children, who is scared away by the all of the noise. The boys are looking forward to their chance to light off fireworks!

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