Monday, December 10, 2007

Jiliang Snack Fair

A snack fair was held at our university, with many good and/or interesting treats to eat.  As with any big Chinese festival, fireworks kicked off the celebration.  Here is the battery of fireworks launchers, all set up and ready for the event.
Xitang 233
Baby Duck on a Stick anyone?  Yum.
Xitang 237
Left: A rice and meat mixture inside of a piece of bamboo.  Right: a small dumpling with meat or vegetables.  Both delicious!
 Xitang 238 Xitang 244
The snack festival took place between the dormitories, and was extremely popular.
Xitang 239
Fish on a stick was a popular attraction.
Xitang 240
... and here are the fish being prepared.
Xitang 242
The preparers are trying to make these dumplings as fast as they can to satisfy the huge crowd.
Xitang 243
Squid on a stick - also a very popular dish.
  Xitang 245
... and finally, oysters on the half shell.  The whole snack fair was a 4 day event and all of the students (and many of us teachers) really enjoyed it!
Xitang 246
The prices were incredibly cheap, about $.50 US to buy a snack at the fair.Considering the average income for a student in a month is about $100 US, the price is right to draw a big crowd!

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