Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sue Gets Cupped

Sue and Stefania went to a foot massage on her day off.  They got the foot massage SPECIAL, which includes a foot steam, a hot water bath with all kinds of flower petals, ginger and other mysterious ingredients, and a massage.
Hangzhou 013
I would explain what these patches are they affix to you are, but Sue didn't know either.  One was placed on her back with some oil on it, each temple, and the back of the neck.  They left the one on her back on, so I had to help her peel it off when I got home from work.  OUCH!

  Sue and Stefania didn' t know what they had bought, they just said, "OK!" and waited to see what would happen!
 Hangzhou 015

The masseuses brought out a lighter and two small fish bowls.  Hmm.  What for??  Their feet were already oily from the massage, so they sprayed alcohol in the bowls, and lit a fire inside, then attached it to their feet.  The cooling bowls created suction, which sucked the skin of their feet into the bowls.  Weird!  They moved the fish bowls around their oily skin, sucking in different parts of the foot.
Hangzhou 020
It felt good!!  Here is Stefania's foot getting a cup attached to it.
Hangzhou 028

Oh, the wonders of China!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for such wonderful blog posts of you family and stay in China. I have been following a friends blog site (also a family of 3 living in Xiamen, China since August) and I have so appreciated your posting and fantastic photos and sharing your experiences. You are very brave to experience cupping. We are a family of three girls (two adopted from China) and live in Upstate NY. We wish you a Merry Christmas! Sincerely, The Scott Family/Kay

mimifrancoise said...

I also experienced "cupping" when I was a young teen in boarding school in France. I had a bad case of bronchitis and the nun/nurse used them on my chest and upper back. It must have work, I got better. I don't think this is used in France anymore. My teen years were a long itme ago.