Sunday, April 29, 2007

Lewises to teach English in China!

The Lewis family is going on another adventure! We have decided to teach English and other technology subjects in Hangzhou, China. Hangzhou is a large city of around 6 million people with a good contingent of expatriates, so hopefully we'll feel right at home. We will be renting out our house and moving there for the 07-08 school year. Know someone who wants to rent our house? Here's a link for more information: Living in a 2 bedroom apartment, it will be quite a change for us! We think the Jiliang University will give us an extra apartment - maybe the boys will have their own pad! Here's a map of where we'll be:

We may end up having to look for an apartment once we get there. I plan on updating this blog frequently so check back often for pics and stories! If you're one of our many techno-wiz friends, you can add this blog as an RSS feed to your home page.

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Kameron said...

Hey Tim,
Good luck to you and family on your adventure to China. I am honored to have met you and work with you and hope to stay in contact.
Your Friend, Kam