Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me!

Today we celebrated my birthday and Easter! Judy, Balin, Perrin and Sam came over for an Easter Egg hunt. I "hid" easter eggs for them along the driveway, then made a much more difficult hunt for the boys on either side of the yard. Here's Sophie helping me celebrate! Some people may have thought that Peter and Jack were too old for an Easter Egg Hunt. This was not the case! Anything that involves the ingestion of large quantities of sugar - they are up for it! Sophie and Perrin teamed up to brave the wilds of the Lewis yard.
... and their expedition proved successful! Perrin can taste the candy merely by sticking her tongue out!

Sophie discovers another one out here in the wild! The Easter Bunny was busy!
Here are all of the participants and spectators of the Easter Egg Hunt! ... except for me behind the lens!
We also broke open the jar we had been using for months to save up for a trip. It turns out that trip will be China, and we had over $3000 saved in the jar!

Happy Easter and thanks for looking!

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