Sunday, May 6, 2007

4th Graders descend on Tucson!

Tim and Jack survive the 4th Grade Overnight!
We went on a 2 day field trip with Jack's class to Tucson. We visited the Casa Grande ruins, San Xavier Mission, Corbett house, the NOAA National Weather center, and the ASU bookstore - and that was just the first day! The second day we went to the Desert Sonoran Museum and the Old Pueblo Archaeological Center, where the kids got to go on a mock dig, look at petroglyphs and walk a labyrinth. Then it was off to Sweet Tomatoe's to feed 60 kids, and finally back on the bus and return home by 10pm - fun and exhausting for all!

Chris, Jack and Tanner at the San Xavier Mission

A screech owl - check out those hypnotic eyes!

Jack (with bloody nose), Chris, Tanner, Nick and my co-chaperone, Dan Koonz.

The boys on their mock dig at the Old Pueblo Archaeological Center.

Hi cutie!

This little guy decided to pose for me so I just had to snap his picture...

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