Friday, April 6, 2007

Coloring Easter Eggs

From Sophie: Happy Easter Everyone! Her second favorite part of Easter was sucking the frosting off of a cupcake. Rupa and her girls came to dye Easter Eggs with us. Sue and Rupa, bosom buddies!
Peter decided to experiment with a Patriotic Egg. Sam, that shirt is much too nice to dye Easter Eggs in... let's get it dirty!
Easter boogers?
Here's the some of the booty created by the kids.

Sophie's strategy was to dip in as many dye's as possible. Lots of brown ones :)
Sam's favorite part was definitely the cupcake. He chose the one that matched his shirt!

Adding stickers to the egg carton was even more fun than dying the eggs!
Look at all of my color choices! I think I'll do one of each. Can a person eat too many eggs?
Happy Easter!

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