Thursday, May 17, 2007

5th Grade Camp

Well the school year has almost drawn to a close so that means it is time for 5th grade overnight camp! Tim hung out with Peter for his activities on the first day, then led an orienteering course (with a compass - not a GPS!) on the second day.

Peter examines a set of leaves and matches it to other students' descriptions.
We led the kids out into the forest, blindfolded, and gave them a tree to "hug". They each spent 10 minutes with their tree, then we took them back to the starting point. After removing the blindfolds, they had to go back and find their tree. They all did it!

I got to light the fire for the camp that night. Mr. Erickson told me to make it big - he didn't know what he was getting himself into!
Mr. Kissel, Peter's teacher. I finally got a picture of him smiling! He always plays the "bad cop" with the kids at camp, so my mission was to get this picture!
The two homies, Peter and Hunter, hanging out, waiting in the chow line.

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