Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Phoenix Zoo!

Today we woke up and sat around thinking what we could do on such a beautiful day. Our final decision was to drive to Phoenix, have some chow at the Spaghetti Factory, then hit the Phoenix Zoo. By the time we got there it was HOT! Tipping the scales at over 90 degrees, we were all a bit surprised when we got out of the car!

Peter ready to enter the zoo.

Wow it's hot Mom, but Peter mentioned how the evaporative cooling on the water would make this a good place to stand. Smarty pants.
Wow, it's hot and sunny - time to get all of us white folks (with the exception of Sophie) lubed up!
Jack and Peter's faces were kind of long in the heat, until they found a water play area. That sure changed the mood!
This was a baby orangutan that was just a few weeks old. Cute!
There was a monkey exhibit in which you could walk around and really see them.

A mister provided some much needed relief part way through the zoo!

This guy was obviously tuckered out from the heat as well. Spring hits fast in Phoenix!

This Bengal Tiger hopped up in a tree to get a better look at the tourists. I think he hungrily spotted Sophie! Chinese anyone?

Going Home

We stopped at Anthem on our way home where we ate some dinner and they have a great play area. The kids played there for quite awhile while we enjoyed the warm temperatures. Today we had our first taste of summer!

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