Saturday, March 17, 2007

Summer in March??

Well summer has come early to the Lewis household, with temperatures in the low 80's in mid March! Lucy went crazy the other day chasing after some critter, so Jack and Peter helped and found this cute, colorful lizard! It conveniently played dead for awhile so the boys could play with it.

Look Mom, my new pet!

The boys were playing basketball, so Sophie decided to join in:

Hey, isn't that a per-sonal foul??

Sophie isn't much into swimsuits at this age. We got the kiddie pool out and she did some wading with Sam and Perrin. Unfortnately someone was a bad pool citizen and the water had to be dumped out due to something besides kids floating in it. Oh Sophie!!

Perrin, hangin' in the sandbox. Someone come play!!

It's so nice to warm and clean and sitting on Auntie's lap!

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