Sunday, March 25, 2007

Lewises in Las Vegas!

This past weekend, we went to Las Vegas to see Joy, Rod and Erin Haneda-Agor who were visiting from Hawaii. Erin and Sophie were adopted in the same group, and they always light up when they see each other!

Here are Sue and Jack with Erin. What a cutie!

Erin seemed to have a special affinity for Jack, who was great with her. It was fun to see Erin and the boys interact. Erin is so QUIET compared to Sophie who is so LOUD :) Peter enjoyed Erin as well. We were in an outdoor shopping mall called "The District" that was a great place for the boys to stretch out and enjoy some frisbee.

We also saw this HUGE Great Dane which the boys petted for awhile. Check out that tongue!
Of course there was an REI there which we plundered for lightweight / washable clothing for China. Since we don't have an REI in Prescott, it was a good find!
Here are Rod and Jack giving a "1 - 2 - 3" to Erin. She really enjoyed this!
Sophie had a terrible time sleeping in the hotel room and kept us AWAKE for most of the NIGHT! Arrgh! Here I am ready to strangle her the next day...
It's ok though, we made up right away, but we were sleepy from the long night! I think being up all night with Sophie affected Jack too. He was tired!
Guess who wasn't tired at all the next day??

Sophie was very interested in Rod. So interested in fact, she awanted to see if this straw wrapper would fit up his nose.

Here's Jack and his new little buddy, ErinHere's Sophie pushing Erin on a little push car in the hotel room. Sue got them matching outfits and they sure were cute!Here are Joy and Sue with the two cuties!That's all for now, I hope you enjoyed this episode!

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