Saturday, July 28, 2007

Farewell to Prescott!

Leaving 008
OK we're on our way to Hangzhou, China, by way of Disneyland!!  See my previous post for information about Hangzhou. We're really hopeful for a great year with interesting experiences! 

Peter and Jack have been home schooling on math already, and we have an interview in late August for Sophie to go to Kindergarten (they start earlier there)!

You can find our contact information at: .  We will keep that location updated with our current contact information, when we have internet availability!

Thanks to everyone for helping out with our house and other responsibilities while we're gone!!  Stay tuned for some Disney pictures!

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Jose said...

You guys are lucky with your own private plane thing! I just can't get over how cute Sophie sweet that you got her a balloon...I love seeing kids getting presents...

Have you had a seahorse on a stick yet?

By the way, I made a new Runescape account, I Am Jose Q. SO if your ever on, feel free to pm me :)