Sunday, July 29, 2007

Disneyland Adventure - Day 1

It was quite a day today saying goodbye to our house for a WHOLE YEAR, and then climbing onto a beautiful KingAir 350 in Prescott hired by Randy and Linda.  It took us only a little over an hour to get to Disneyland and we were checked in by 3pm!

"OK Mom, the car's all packed!"

Disney 001

Grandpa and Jack boarding the plane.  Jack had to wave a final goodbye!!
Disney 007

Grandma with her spoiled grandchildren (and children), getting ready to take off from Prescott International Airport.Disney 009
Jack and Peter enjoying their cushy ride to Disneyland.

Disney 016
Sophie sure enjoyed the bumps! 

Disney 020

We made it to Disneyland and now we're ready to party!

Disney 023
We visited "Downtown Disney" and the boys went crazy at Lego Land!
Disney 033  They met "Darth Vader" there at the lego store.  Grandma had cooler sunglasses though.
Disney 037 Jack bought sophie a Mickey Mouse balloon with his own money.  What a sweetie!

Disney 084

"I'm getting a little tired, but I'm not going to admit it!"

Disney 067
Overall it was a great start to our trip, and we're looking forward to going into the park tomorrow morning.  Good Night!
Disney 046

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