Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hail in July

We had a craving for American style pizza - our first since returning from China, so we went to one of the local pizza places.  It was a long wait for our pizza but well worth it when it came!  Here's Sophie trying to be patient.

Prescott 001

Peter and Jack's 15 year old cousin, Alex is here visiting us for a week.  The boys LOVE having him around and they rarely let him out of their room!
Prescott 002

Sue, also getting hungry as we wait for our pizza to be delivered.
 Prescott 004

OK, Chinese friends, here's an authentic American pizza restaurant for you... and it smells so GOOD inside!
 Prescott 006

Gosh, we live in a small town!  We ran into one of our old friends, Scott Simmons who was also coming in for lunch. 
Prescott 007

The monsoon started in the afternoon as it usually does this time of year, and we got not only rain, but HAIL!  Jack had to go out and stand in it to see how it felt.

 Prescott 012

The courthouse across the street, looking through all of the hail!
  Prescott 016

The streets are so deserted compared to China!  This is about 1pm on a Thursday... where are all of the bicycles carrying people rushing around under their rain ponchos??Prescott 019

Alex, outside, checking out the storm...
Prescott 020

The next stop was the local ice cream store - actually frozen yogurt, at the TCBY...
Prescott 026

The boys enjoyed their ice cream...
Prescott 036

... and I saw this old cowboy "chewing the fat" with some other customers... you wouldn't see someone like him in China!
Prescott 038


Anonymous said...

Hey, Tim,
Nice to read your blog and see Sue and the kids again. Keep on! I'd like to know everything about your life in US.

Dana said...

Welcome back! Yes, though I never post comments, I do read it. I'm glad you will keep up with your adventures. Though I guess the blog name might need a change.

Culture shock is hitting you bigtime, can tell from reading your posts! The space! The choices! The air! The "looking like everyone else" again.

Bob & Amy said...

I'm so happy you are back on the blog. I was going through withdrawl. Do I have a life????

Anonymous said...

hi, Tim
The summer holiday will finish
most of us returned school.
you have not renewed your blog so long!
how are you recently?
we missed you and your family!!