Thursday, January 4, 2007

All-important Layers

Hangzhou 044One of the fruits we really love here is the pomello; basically a giant oversized grapefruit.  For each section of the fruit, like  you'd find in an orange or a grapefruit, you peel away the thin white skin.  On an orange you eat this part; on a pomello you peel it away and only get the pieces of citrus inside.  It's delicious!  It takes me 2 to 3 sittings to eat a whole pomello; they are quite large, and we all love them!
The Chinese Medicine doctors expound their healing properties as well!  The pomello has just as many layers on as I do!

Today in class I wore 2 shirts, 2 sweaters, a sweatshirt and a coat, plus long underwear.  I was warm but felt so stiff under all of that clothing!

Tonight, Sue could not get warm.  I had my arm around her and I could feel her shivering!  So she got the comforter off of our bed and wrapped up in it.  Eventually her body heat took over.  It's somewhere in the mid 50's in our apartment and the small space heaters are having a hard time keeping the cold out!
 Hangzhou 045
Sue got onto the field with her art teacher, Jin to check it out.  We may play some soccer there tomorrow but we will have to share it with the goats!
 Hangzhou 046

Today they took the scaffolding off of our building!  We hope this means they will hook up our air conditioning unit soon so that we'll get real heat. 


Ropheka said...


Catherine said...

Soccer in amongst the goats... as long as they don't decide the ball looks yummy.... you're set!

Anonymous said...

50 is very cold for inside........
brrrrrrrrrrrr....stAY WARM.
Curious in USA and freezing here

Dana said...

I love pommelos!!! They are my second favorite Asian fruit (after calamansi, which makes great juice). They are amazingly dry, which is great eating on carpets and such.

Miss you guys. Sorry we haven't been in touch. We had guests and Matthew had food poisoning over New Years so my plans to call Sue for her birthday got shattered. Ah well. Will call maybe this weekend!